Selection of Schools

Schools are selected according to two criteria:

  • PTDM identifies potential schools and invites them to participate in the programme.

Upon identifying the potential schools, PTDM will contact the relevant schools and request them to arrange for a meeting with the school management, PIBG, LPS & PTDM to brief them  about the programme in detail and to find out the plans to implement the programme.

  • Interested schools approach PTDM to participate in the  programme

The school Management / PTA (PIBG) will send an application to PTDM. Upon receiving the application, PTDM will contact the school and make arrangements  for a meeting with the school management, PIBG, LPS & PTDM to brief them about the programme in detail and find  the strategies to implement the programme.

ICT Lab Architecture & Specification

Upon confirming the participation of the schools, PTDM provides the guidelines and specifications in setting up the ICT lab. These are inclusive of the architect’s drawing of the ICT Lab and hardware specifications. Schools which already have an ICT Lab will be advised accordingly, based on the current set up and hardware specifications  which are already there.

Selection of ICT Tutors

PTDM assists the schools in the selection of ICT tutors. Upon selecting the ICT tutors, they will be attached to the nearby schools with the PTD programme. They will then undergo an on job training in the  schools for one to two weeks before they start their work.

ICT Examination / Evaluation

In order to evaluate the students’ knowledge and skills, examinations are conducted twice a year. The examination  consists of theory and practical sections.  40% of  the  marks  is given for theory and 60% of  the marks  is given for practical section. These exams are moderated by PTDM. Currently, all students who complete their year 6 or are transferred to another school will be awarded Certificates of Achievement based on the level of completion.

Enhancement ICT Course

PTDM also creates opportunities for students to attend enhancement courses like Mobil App Development, 3-D Animation, Coding, etc. These courses will be conducted after school hours, Weekends or school holidays.

Tutors Training Sessions

In order to provide quality teaching and learning, PTDM conducts tutor training sessions periodically for all tutors. They are given training on pedagogy, course contents and technical skills. The training sessions are conducted on face to face and online modes.


In order to ensure effective implementation of the Program Titian Digital (PTD), regular visits are done by our PTD officers to the schools. During their visit, they check the lesson plans, the usage of student guides (modules) / work books, files, ICT Lab cleanliness, computers and overall implementation of the PTD programme. At the end of their visit, the project officers give their feedback  to the tutors, school management and PIBG/LPS.


Mentors appointed by PTDM visit the schools periodically. During their visit, they observe the tutors’ teaching techniques, check their lesson plans, files and  the overall implementation of the PTD programme. Based on  the mentors’ observation, they will give feedback and guidance to the tutors on their teaching methods which will help them to improve their teaching methods and enable teaching  the students to  comprehend the  lessons  effectively. Besides this, the mentors write evaluation reports to the school management, PIBG/LPS and PTDM.

Centralized Stake Holders Meeting

Annually, all the schools which participate in PTD programme attend the Centralized Stake Holders meeting. It is attended by the school headmasters, senior assistants, school ICT coordinators, PIBG representatives, LPS representatives and the PTDM team. These meetings are conducted in three zones – northern, southern and central. In this meeting, the participants share their success stories and short comings, and we collectively resolve outstanding issues. Besides that, the PTDM also shares their future plans and activities  to enable this programme to reach  greater heights.

ICT Workshop for School Teachers

PTDM facilitates in arranging trainers to train the school teachers to enhance their knowledge and competence in IT technology.

ICT Week

Besides attending their normal ICT classes, students also participate in the ICT Week organized by the School ICT Committee. During this period, students take part in the school level ICT based competitions. The winners of these competitions receive prizes and normally they will be nominated to represent their school in the State / National Level ICT Competition organized by PTDM.