Annually, PTDM conducts continuous tutors training for three times, accumulatively 10 days a year. The training is aimed to enhance teaching quality of tutors who come from various background in ICT. The content of training is as below: 


Tutors will be trained in the following basic pedagogical skills:

  1. Understanding, interpreting and translating curriculum into daily lesson plan.
  2. Planning and executing daily lesson plan.
  3. Testing and evaluation.
  4. Class room management and class control.
  5. Questioning technics.
  6. Anderson’s Taxonomy.
  7. Teaching strategy, approach and techniques.

ICT Skills

Tutors will be provided the followings:

  1. Practical Training cum theory for better understanding and implementation of each topic.
  2. Impartment of up-to-date technologies and enrichment activities to be disseminated among the pupils.
  3. Training, guidance and tips on various aspect of hardware maintenance procedure to cater an environmentally friendly ICT Lab back in their schools.
  4. Step by step guidance on software installation and application.

Personnel Development

Tutors will be exposed to the following skills:

  1. Soft skills such as leadership, initiative, productivity and social skills
  2. Money management
  3. Stress management
  4. Growth Mind set development
  5. Lifelong education
  6. Personal Health