Frequently Asked Questions

PTDM is the abbreviation for Pertubuhan Titian Digital Malaysia.

PTD is the abbreviation for Program Titian Digital.

PTDM is an organisation, whereas PTD is one of the programme which is carried out by PTDM.

PTD was started in 2009.

The school Management / PTA (PIBG) must send an application to PTDM. Upon receiving the application, PTDM will contact the school and make arrangement for a meeting among the school management, PIBG, LPS & PTDM to brief about the programme in detail and find the possibilities to implement the programme.

PTDM doesn’t sponsor ICT labs but shares the strategies on how to raise fund to set up an ICT lab. It also advises on the setup architecture, hardware and software. At times, if there are any sponsors come forward, PTDM will recommend potential schools.

a. Introduces sponsors (if any) to set up the ICT lab.
b. Provides the guidelines and specification in setting up the ICT lab.
b. Provides module and workbooks.
c. Conducts tutor training.
d. Mentoring and coaching for tutors.
e. Continuous monitoring on the management of the ICT lab.
f. Conducts Annual meetings for stake holders.
h. Organises ICT competition.
i. Collaborates with Industry partners to create opportunities for PTD students,
i.e: Digital Ninja Programme by MDEC.

It will be conducted during the school hours (an hour a week).