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Roles Of Partners 

Pertubuhan Titian Digital Malaysia (PTDM)

Formulate policies and guidelines
Identify potential participating schools
Develop and provide ICT curriculum and modules
Conduct ICT tutor trainings
Provide mentoring to ICT tutors
Liaison between schools and ICT lab sponsors
Carry out annual accounts auditing
Submission of annual reports to sponsors Conduct centralize school ICT
development committee meeting 

(School Management, PTA & LPS)

Form ICT Development Committee
Form School ICT Development Committee
Appoint ICT Coordinator
Appoint ICT Tutor
Provide An Hour ICT Lesson
Provide Avenue For Teaching & Learning Using ICT
Encourage Ex-Students, Parents And Local
Community To Utilise The ICT Lab
Supervise And Guide ICT Tutor
Manage Separate Accounts For PTD-ICT
Submit Lab Usage And Financial Report
Keep PTD-ICT Account Healthy
ICT Lab Maintenance