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About Us

Despite Malaysia’s success, challenges remain to improve the quality of primary education. Given the rapid use of ICT throughout the country, a digital divide between urban, urban poor and rural exist due to less comprehensive ICT infrastructure. HYO Port Klang and Malaysian Community & Education Malaysia (MCEF) introduced Program Titian Digital (PTD) in 2009 to fulfil the ICT education in primary Tamil school and to support the Malaysian Government vision to implement ICT education in primary schools by 2020.
Understanding the need, Program Titian Digital provides the following services:

 Guide to build ICT labs  -
 Guide PTA to conduct ICT classes -
 Mentor & train the Tutors, School Management & PTA -
 Develop student and teachers guide -
 Conduct State & National Level ICT Competitions -
Continuously monitor the progress -

After 9 years of implementation, to ensure the sustainability of Program Titian Digital, we formed Titian Digital Organisation Malaysia (PTDM) to expand the ICT education in the country. Today we are proud to announce that we have unleashed the ICT potential of 47,412 students through our Program Titian Digital. PTD also introduced and implemented Open Source technology to our Tamil schools and achieved a Malaysia Book of Record as the Largest Open Source User in Malaysia. 


35% Of Tamil Schools Children Are ICT Literate Through PTD Programme By 2025


To equip all partially aided Tamil schools with ICT labs.
To help Tamil school students to acquire ICT literacy.
 To reduce the Digital Divide among the urban, urban poor and rural communities. 


To successfully setup ICT Labs and implement PTD ICT programmes in 70 Tamil schools by the year 2025.


Objective of Program Titian Digital

- To create opportunities for economically disadvantaged primary school students,
    especially in rural areas to acquire ICT skills.
- To create opportunities for ex-students, parents, youths and local communities,
    especially in rural areas to acquire ICT skills.
- To provide opportunities for teachers, especially from rural schools to use ICT in their    
    teaching & learning.
- To develop ICT curriculum and teaching & learning materials to be used in ICT classes.
- To continuously train ICT tutors and monitor the implementation of the ICT programme.
- To continuously conduct research and development to upgrade the programme.
- To empower school management, Parent Teacher Association and Board of Governors to
    implement the ICT Programme.


 Prof. Dr. Mahendhiran Nair 

Deputy President
Monash University Sunway

Mr. Gunasegaran Karapaya

Pertubuhan Titian Digital Malaysia 


President : K. Gunasekaran 
Vice President : B. Tharmaraj 
Secreatary : M. Sukumaran 
Vice Setiausaha : A. Subbarao 
Treasurer : P. Poobalan 


Ravichandran Sellakannu
Santhiran Nadarajah
Sathupathy Ramasamy
Elanttamil Maruthai
Vinod Naidu Munikrishnayya
Hemahrajan Kuppusamy 


Divaan Rau Venugopal
Kumar Sathambrum 

Roles of Committee

2. Accounts Auditing   

1. Administration

School Selection -
Oversee Lab Setup -
Conduct ICT Tutors -
Conduct Centralized Meeting-

3. Reporting

6. Technical Support

- Vendors Selections
- Provides Jobs Specification
- Lab Commissioning
- Hardware Auditing
- Recommend Software Upgrading

7. Funding
 Operation Expenditure

5. Training

Tutor Training -
School Teacher Training -
Ex-Students & Parents -

Program Titian Digital Open Source / Ubuntu Advisory Team

M Sri Ramadas
Software Engineer, Chennai, India

Muguntharaj Subramaniam
Software Engineer, Brisbane, Australia

Sundaram Lakshmanan
Assistant Professor, SRM University Chennai, India

Sethuraman Priasamy
Technology consultant

Tharmaraj Batmanathan
IT Engineer, Cisco Malaysia 

Program Titian Digital Module Development Team - Advisory Panel (Editors)

Selvarajoo Madhavan
Jemaah Nazir, BTP, KPM

Annathurai Kasinadan
Penolong Pengarah, BTP, KPM

Kumar Sithambaram
Headmaster, SJKT Kerling

Naravanasamy Kupusamy
Formar Lecturer, Maktab Perguruan

Gunasegaran Karapaya
Formar school inspector, KPM

Sadasseevan Letchumanan
Formar Lecture, Institut Pendidikan Guru 

Program Titian Digital Module Development Team
Advisory Panel (Writers)


Karuppiah Arumugam
Manivanan Chelladurai
Ilangkovan Alagrisamy
Siva Inachimuthu
Narayanan Shunmugaven
Senathi Rajah Elancheran 


Karuppiah Arumugam
Narayanan Shunmugaven
Senathi Rajah Elancheran
Kugeneswaran Tamilmany
Monogar Ramasamy 


Karuppiah Arumugam
Narayanan Shunmugaven
Senathi Rajah Elancheran
Monogar Ramasamy
Mugilan Murugan 


Elanttamil Maruthai
Mugilan Murugan
Karuppiah Arumugam 


Karuppiah Arumugam
Tharmaraj Batmanathan
Thennarasu Muthiaiah 


Karuppiah Arumugam
Tharmaraj Batmanathan
Thennarasu Muthiaiah